My 5 Most-Read Articles from January 2023

Each and almost (I forgot last month) I put out an article that shows you which articles performed best for me that month.

My 5 most-read blog posts from January 2023.

Please note that the article contains affiliate links, this means that if you choose to purchase any products via the links below, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. These affiliate links do not affect my final opinion of the product.

This list only includes the articles that I actually posted that month or it would end up being a list that becomes quite a bit more monotonous (there’s always the same top few articles).

This month’s articles are basically three reviews and the two summaries from the previous month. What they tell me is that I need to start writing more varied articles. But I’m just so behind on my reviews so often that I never have time. Though I’m definitely planning on doing another quiz soon – I think we’re definitely due one.

All I’ve done below is list the articles themselves and pull extracts from each article for you to get a glimpse what it’s about. There are also obviously links for you to read the full article and to pick up the book from Amazon if it’s a book review.

Anyway, keep scrolling to find the articles that most people read this month…

Book review. Act of Oblivion by Robert Harris.

5. Act of Oblivion by Robert Harris book review

Act of Oblivion is a book based on the fascinating story of how two young men were chased across America and then Europe with a bounty on their heads for the killing of King Charles I. The story suffers from some really slow moments where Harris is trying to fill in actual events but these slower moments are held up by the great characters of Whalley and Goffe and their connection. My highlights were Naylor, the villain character chasing them and his thoughts throughout and the final third of the book where the action really ramped up.”

The 5 books I Read in December 2022. QOTM: What was your favourite book of 2022?

4. The Five Books I Read in December 2022

“December was a fantastic month for books. My favourite two books would have to be Matthew Perry’s memoir Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing and A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder by Holly Jackson. Perry’s memoir was the first I’ve ever read actually and it was dark, harrowing and fantastic. Holly Jackson’s first book in her series is a fantastic book that offers up twists, a gripping plot and a genuinely likeable relationship.”

10 most-read articles from 2022. Luke's Blog.

3. 10 Most-Read Blog Articles in 2022 (Ranked)

“2022 was without a doubt the best year I’ve had for my blog. It’s my first full year, it’s the second year into my blog and it is also the year in which I actually started earning proper money from it (well, nothing substantial, just a few quid here or there).”

Book review. Friends, Lovers and The Big Terrible Thing by Matthew Perry.

2. Friends, Lovers and the Big Horrible Thing by Matthew Perry book review

“Matthew Perry’s memoir Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing was an incredibly powerful tale of a man who, to everyone’s untrained eye had everything: money, good looks, fame, popularity, the women, the house, the cars, the career. But behind that, away from the public, the limelight and the cameras he was struggling with one of the most all-encompassing diseases somebody with an able body could suffer from – an addiction.

If you’re a fan of Friends, I’d go into this book with caution as you may never be able to watch it without thinking of Chandler differently. However, in the same breath, I’d wholeheartedly recommend reading Perry’s story. It’s real, it’s brutal and it is emotional – everything you want the memoir of one of the most famous men on TV to be.”

book review. spare by prince harry.

1. Spare by Prince Harry book review

Spare bordered on a little boring and weird at times but in the end, it’s an absolutely fascinating look into the behind-the-scenes of one of the most talked-about men of the past decade. Seeing what it’s like to grow up a prince having never chosen that life and then the vast differences from most other people’s lives are fascinating to read.

The book focuses on the impact the press and his mother’s death have had on Harry’s life. Almost every decision he’s ever made has been because of one of those two elements. Spare is a hate letter to the press, a love letter to his mother and a fascinating look into the real life of a price that we only usually read fictional depictions of in fantasy books.”

So in summary…

So, no surprises here really. The best-selling non-fiction book of all time Spare by Prince Harry is also my most-read article from the month. I knew it was going to do well and so I’m not surprised it’s the top-read book of the month.

I’m also not overly surprised by the inclusion of Matthew Perry’s autobiography Friends, Lovers and The Big Terrible Thing. It’s a book that was incredibly popular over Christmas and a book that I think many people read not realising the true struggles Perry went through.

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