My 5 Most-Read Blog Posts from September 2022

Every month I post an update on the blog posts that did well from the previous month. So guess what I’m going to do this month? Yeah, the same.

The top five articles from September include three book reviews and two feature articles. It’s always fascinating to see which articles do well each month and see if they match up with the articles I thought would do well when I posted them.

There is also the obvious argument that the earlier the post goes up in the month, the better chance it has to perform well as it has been on for longer. However, it is always even more interesting when the posts aren’t in order of date and one blog post does well simply because it was more popular.

I’m noticing that the majority of my blog post views are from google searches these days which is positive as it means I don’t need to rely on my social media channels to guarantee views. In fact, my most-read article from this month was actually number 40-something in the list from the month but I narrow this list down to the articles I actually posted in the month or it would end up being a fairly samey list.

If you’d like to see a list of all of the articles that have done well, no matter when they were posted, let me know.

Anyway, here are the top five most-read blog posts from September from least to most viewed.

5. The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett book review

“I knew exactly what The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett was trying to do, I just simply wasn’t that into it. I get the message and its intentions, I appreciate the mature characters and I can sit back and say I’m glad I read it. However, it just wasn’t a book that blew me away like many people said it would. It’s a book I wanted to like more than I did but the lack of an exciting plot, the briefness of it and the lack of any real sense of start, middle and end left me feeling like I wanted just a bit more.”

Read the full review here

4. The Seven Books I Read in August 2022

“I finished seven books over the month with two being epic fantasies, one historical fiction, one a fairly contemporary romance (I know, unlike me!) and the other three coming under the crime genre. If you’re a fan of epic worlds or are looking for a good murder mystery or just fancy an easy-to-read romance, then the books below will likely pique your interest.”

Read the full post here.

3. Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch book review

Rivers of London has the potential for so much. It has a mature and interesting main character and the opportunity to really drop us deep into this new world we find out about. Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite yet in this first book and this, coupled with some uncomfortable references to women made me waver between a three and a four. I genuinely think I’ll like the sequels if they just include higher stakes, introduce more of the world to us, expand upon the lore and get rid of the awkward sexualisation of every woman.”

Read the full review here.

2. Here’s Your Next Read – The 5 Best Websites For Finding Your Next Book

“Finding your next read can often be quite a long process. I know the next book I read I often leave up to somebody else or my social media. I give them a choice of all of the books I fancy reading next and ask which I should begin with – I genuinely agree with the masses.

“Well, I did some searching on the web for some of the best book recommendation websites that are different from each other in multiple ways. So below are some of the best websites for helping you choose which book to read or buy next.”

Read the full post here.

1. Twyford Code by Janice Hallett

“Janice Hallett has done it again. She’s written a book that is so wonderfully clever in how it is composed and also filled with intrigue and page-turning plot twists. As was true with The Appeal, Hallett has written The Twyford Code to keep you on your toes throughout, flipping through the pages at a rate of knots to find out the truth behind it all. And then, at the end, she throws a massive curveball your way that reshapes everything you’ve just read!”

Read the full review.

Post round-up

So those are the top performing blog posts from September. Three book reviews and two feature articles. I always appreciate my book reviews getting some good views but it’s always more interesting to see which feature articles do the best and it’s good to know whether these are something I should keep doing going forward.

I think Twyford Code did the best this month because it is a very popular book, was supported well across social media by the author Janice Hallett and also it was one of the first articles I posted this month.

Are there any articles I posted this month you’re surprised aren’t on there or any book reviews on here you’re surprised did so well? Let me know by DMing me on social media.

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