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Book reviews

The Catch by T.M. Logan book review

I picked up The Catch because my parents asked if I’d drive them down to Southampton for a cruise they were going on and I knew I’d need an audiobook to listen to on the way back. The day before I saw The Catch was in my audible library and […]

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The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney book review

When The Girl Before was the only option for me to listen to on my audiobook I wasn’t quite expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. It’s a story filled with intrigue and mystery that keeps you guessing right up until the last few pages. But the characters […]

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The Couple at No. 9 by Claire Douglas book review

I was kindly bought The Couple at No. 9 by my partner for Valentine’s Day. Nothing saying romance like a selection of books, hey? Anyway, The Couple at No. 9 received a lot of comments when I posted the original image to my Instagram story so I was keen to […]

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Atlas and the Multiverse by Chandon Siman book review

Atlas and the Multiverse was a book kindly sent to me by the author at the request that I review it. The front cover intrigued me and the premise intrigued me: a young boy and his friends find and venture into the multiverse to save all of the universes. I […]

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Featured articles

How I Read Books Tag – what’s the best way to read books?

I’m back once again with another Book Tag. I found this on ZeeZee with books‘ blog and decided to pick it up as people often ask me how and where I read. It’s a simple book tag that basically asks me all sorts of questions about my perfect reading environment […]

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How Has My First Year of Blogging Gone?

Today (15 May) marks a year since I wrote and uploaded my first blog article on How To Read Over 50 Books In A Year. Since then I have written nearly 150 articles, gained over 5,000 social media followers on dedicated accounts, enjoyed interacting with people online, thoroughly enjoyed blogging […]

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My 5 Most Read Articles from April 2022

At the start of each month, I highlight the best performing posts from the previous month. I only include articles I actually posted throughout that month and they’re written in order. I don’t do this to brag, it is to highlight what posts work well and which possibly don’t for […]

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The 3 Books I Read In April 2022

This month wasn’t one of my most productive months when it comes to reading. I was away on holiday for a week (which you’d think would result in more reading but it didn’t) and I was off work for two weeks which resulted in me doing a lot of gaming, […]

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