Hi! My name is Luke, I live in Norfolk and I run this page. I work in Digital Marketing for my local hospital and have a keen passion for writing and books. I’ve always been a fan of reading but over the past four to five years is when I’ve really ramped up the number of books I read and taken an almost obsessive interest in reading as many books as I can in the vain hope to feel like I didn’t skip reading during my teens when everybody else was.

Why read Luke’s Books

I absolutely love writing and I love reading so I thought I’d make a blog on which I can write about books. My aim for this website is to give people the chance to get an understanding of a book they’re interested in before they buy it via my reviews. And I also write feature pieces such as the following:

  • Tips and Tricks for book readers
  • “Best” lists
  • Tips for bloggers
  • My favourite books in different genres
  • Pros and Cons lists