Here’s your next read – the 5 best websites for finding your next book

Finding your next read can often be quite a long process. I know the next book I read I often leave up to somebody else or my social media. I give them a choice of all of the books I fancy reading next and ask which I should begin with – I genuinely agree with the masses.

However, sometimes there are other factors that come into it – such as whether it is available for me to listen to from my library or whether the book is discounted anywhere. But wait, what if there was a website that could offer you different ways to choose which next book to read or which next book you should buy?

Well, I did some searching on the web for some of the best book recommendation websites that are different from each other in multiple ways. So below are some of the best websites for helping you choose which book to read or buy next.

Most Recommended Books

Most Recommended Books is a website that is getting a lot of attention lately. The team have spent many hours curating lists of many different genres of books including sub-genres which are created using results from Google.

The lists order books from the most to least popular (usually around 50 of them) based on how many times a book appears in the top results when searching for the same “best of” category on Google.

This is great if you’ve just got into a new genre or are really in the mood to read a certain type of book and want to find out what others consider the best of the genre.

As well as this, they have lists curated by famous people on their famous books. For example, you can see a list of Barack Obama’s favourite books. These lists are integrated into the “Best of” lists too, showing you which books were recommended by which celebrities.

Visit here.


Whichbook has a different take: it offers you the choice of selecting what mood and emotion you’re feeling and then it’ll choose a book for you based on those parameters.

You’re given some interesting choice and then you essentially slide the bar closer to one end depending on what you’re fancying.

I didn’t recognise many of the books it recommended but this way have been more due to my lack of book knowledge. Or Whichbook could be promoting more obscure books instead.

As well as emotion and mood, alternatively, you can choose what sort of plot and characters you’d like to read about too.

Then my other favourite method of theirs is the ability to choose from their list of best sellers and they’ll then give you additional recommendations based on that.

You can also choose your next book by selecting a place on the map.

Visit here.

What Should I Read Next

If you’ve just finished a book you love or have a great selection of books you remember highly enjoying then What Should I Read Next could offer you up your next read.

It’s very simple: all you do is type in the title of or the author of a book you love and they’ll give you some recommendations based solely on this.

For example, I searched The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson and it brought up some great other recommendations in the fantasy genre.

Visit here.


I love this little website. Gnooks is probably the most basic website on this list. All you do is put in three writers you like and it will give you a recommendation based on those.

So yeah, that’s it. As you can see from the selections above, you choose three authors that you can think of are your favourite and it will then give you quite a smart recommendation based on those three authors.

Visit here.

Taste Dive

Taste Dive is a website that actually offers you recommendations for a different array of things. However, the area we’re interested in are the book recommendations.

With Taste Dive, you choose from different lists or categories of books for a selection and then choose a book you like or recognise and it will then give you a load of book suggestions based on that book.

You can define your results further by choosing a genre specifically if you wish or simply scroll through the options you’re given.

Visit here.

Book recommendations galore

There are six websites dedicated to helping you find your next read. Whether you have an idea of what you want to read but need recommendations or whether you have absolutely no idea and want a website to pick something based on emotions or moods then they’re all possible with the websites above.

There are also other websites and apps out there too like Goodreads, Amazon and StoryGraph – though I didn’t mention any of these as I felt these would all be well known already.

Let me know if there are any websites or apps that you use to find your next book and I’ll happily add them to this list.

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