22 Post Ideas for Book Bloggers (with suggested titles)

Blogging can be great fun. If you have a passion for writing and a passion for what you’re writing about, rarely will it feel like a chore. However, there are some days where you’re sitting there thinking “what on earth is there left to write about?” Low and behold, below are 22 blog titles you can use as inspiration for your blog.

22 post ideas for book bloggers with suggested titles
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1. My favourite {insert genre here} books of all time

People often have a certain genre they love most. They’ll love to read your favourite books in this genre. Read my Top Five Fantasy Books of All Time.

2. Books with the most aesthetically pleasing front covers

This is one I’m hoping to do soon. Some books have absolutely stunning front covers. Also – people love aesthetically pleasing front-covers.

3. Books that surprised me the most

Oddly people are obsessed with knowing what surprises strangers. Also, if they’re avid book fans, they want to see if the book that surprised them is also on your list of books that surprised you.

4. My favourite authors of all time

As you read more and more books you begin to get favourite authors. You realise that no matter what they put out, the way they write or the way they structure novels is going to pull you in every time.

5. Books that feature the best villains

Knowing if the villain they’ve just read about really is as evil or scary as they thought they were is crucial for some people. Therefore, having a list that includes them would make that reader very happy.

6. The scariest books I’ve ever read

People love to know what scares people and so writing a list of the scariest books you’ve ever read will appeal to their inner evil. Also, they may like getting scared themselves so these will be good reads.

7. Tips to monetise your book blog

A huge part of blogging these days is monetising it. I’ve written an article on Ways to Earn Money by Bloggingwhich should hopefully give you some tips on how you can do this. People want to always make more money and some may not know that making money while blogging isn’t all that difficult.

8. How to read faster

All readers want to read more books. They want to consume all the fantasy or speed through all of the Harry Potter series. Offering tips from your own experience of how to read faster is always going to be a winner for them.

9. Tips to get out of that reading slump

Maybe someone is on your blog to help them fall back in love with reading again. Well, why not give them tips on how to get out of this reading slump? I’ve already got some tips on how to do this – so feel free to steal some to put in your list if you want.

10. 10 thoughts I had whilst reading {insert book here}

Did a certain book leave an impression on you? If the book is doing really at the moment, why not create content around that specific book? It’s a great idea to keep people reading whilst they’re still interested in the world/story they’ve just read.

11. How I decide what I’m going to read next

You’ll be surprised how many questions I get from people as to what I’m going to read next and how I decide upon this. Why not let people know your technique for what you’re going to read next.

12. The 10 best TV shows based on books

Bring a different audience over to read your articles. If people are interested in TV Shows, they may well be interested in reading the book that it’s based on. Alternatively, some people may find TV Shows of books they’ve already read this way. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be ten. Maybe limit it to the number of books you’ve also done reviews on.

13. The 10 best films based on books

Same as above but for films (or movies if you’re American).

14. Physical vs digital books – which is better?

Oooh, controversial. Which format do you think is better? Physical books or digital books? Do you prefer the feel of paper or the convenience and cost-saving of a Kindle? Let people know. I sure did here.

15. The TV Series or the Book? Which is better?

So once you’ve compiled your list of TV Series based on books from above. You can then go through and decide the TV series that ended up being better than the book (cough Shadow and Bone) or vice versa.

16. Create a quiz

Interact with your audience! You know during lockdown everyone and their nan (literally) was searching for answers to some great quizzes? Why not offer up a quiz of your own? You can use my technique if you want of typing the questions out and then have the answers in white text (or the same colour as your blog background), that way they have to highlight to get the answer and therefore can show the quiz on a screen or do it by themselves. There, don’t say I never gave you anything! Have a look at how I did this here.

17. Tips on how to use Goodreads

Goodreads is a HUGE platform (which you should follow me on) for book readers and is (despite the controversy) the biggest platform for reviews, book tracking and interacting with other word-loving nerds. Giving people deeper tips on how to use some of its best features could be very beneficial to many people.

18. How to write good book reviews

I will never be able to write this as my book reviews are sub-par at best. They’re not there to offer people to top-of-the-line review, they’re there to give people an easy-to-read, simplified summary of my opinions of a book. I hope that’s how you see them too? Anyway, you may be a good writer or a good book reviewer and can offer people tips on bettering their reviews.

19. The best gifts for book lovers that aren’t books

So you’ve got a friend or a sibling and they bleedin’ love books but you’re not sure what books to get them or they simply have them all. Why not get them some accessories that’ll accompany their book obsession?

20. If you {insert book here} you’ll love…

If you’ve just finished a book and want to delve into something very similar, providing these sorts of posts for people will give them other options they may not have considered.

21. My favourite characters of all time

In a similar vein to the best villains article above, why not let people know the best characters you’ve ever read. You can also then link to the reviews of the books these characters feature in that you’ve written or any article related to the book/character.

22. The best book quotes of all time

We love books because of how they’re written. Therefore, there are sometimes certain lines that characters say or sentences that are written that we think are so profound that we need to jot them down. Why not share the quotes you’ve loved from books with others?


Here are just 22 different article titles you’re free to use to help keep the content on your book blog exciting. These sorts of posts drive people to your page as many of them are relatable or will teach them something. People who read LOVE to find new books and people who read LOVE to offer out advice to other book readers, new or experienced. A lot of these posts will offer the chance for not only the reader to enjoy these but also a chance for you as the blogger to preach your great book wisdom!

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