8 ways to get out of your reading slump

We’ve all gotten to that point where the last we book wasn’t particularly great or we have nothing in our Kindle library or on our bookshelves that we’re that bothered about picking up. A reading slump can be a real downer as you know how much you love to get engrossed in books and there are definitely books you’d like to read – just not right now. Therefore, below are eight tips to help you get out of that reading slump.

Eight ways to get out of your reading slump

1. Read a different genre

Try a thriller if you like romance or try a comedy if you like a horror. You may find yourself enthralled. Equally, you may know you like different genres but have been reading a lot of one recently and so switching it up might help.

2. Find a book that has good reviews

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut because we aren’t enjoying a book. Maybe had a browse through Amazon or Goodreads or your preferred book review website and find something that has been given good reviews. That way you know at least others rate it highly after reading it.

3. Find a book that’s similar to a TV series/film/video game you’re interested in

You know sometimes you’re watching a TV Series and you really wished it was a book or sometimes it is based on a book? Well, have a quick Google and you’ll likely find something that will take your interest.

Free book journal

4. Journal your reading

I personally find more desire to complete a book if I can then track it somewhere – usually Goodreads. However, you could use my free book journal to track your books and give each of them a review. This gives you opportunities to remind yourself of your favourites, it gives you a chance to recommend books to others and also just allows you to keep track of what you read so you don’t read it again (who knows – some people may be that forgetful.)

5. Set yourself a goal

This follows on slightly from the Book Journal idea in that you can incentivise your reading by giving it an ulterior purpose to simply getting from page one to page 300 or whatever it is. Set yourself a goal – either for the week, month or even the year. Plan to read one thriller, one fantasy book and one science fiction by the end of the month. Plan to read a certain number of pages by tracking them. Or just simply tell yourself you’ll have finished a certain series by June.

Giving yourself these sort of goals can not only give you a different reason for picking up a book, but it could well help you broaden your horizons as you try and squeeze in that romance you’ve been meaning to read or you’re trying a novella as you’ve only got one more book to hit that mark of five for the month.

6. Join a book club

Joining a book club instantly gets you discussing books. Hearing others talk passionately about books can really relight your fire for reading again too. Due to the pandemic, many Book Clubs have gone virtual, making it slightly easier for those who may not have felt as comfortable meeting in person too.

7. Join a Bookish Facebook group or Page

In a similar vein to the Book Club, Facebook groups and pages are a great place to meet and interact with like-minded book lovers. Unlike a Book Club where you’ll all read the same book at the same time and then talk about it. Bookish Facebook groups and pages include people talking about all sorts of genres, they’re filled with people giving recommendations and they’re often a place you know you can feel comfortable as everybody has the same passion.

I recently created a Facebook Group to give people the chance to talk about books and book blog post ideas. It’s very new and so you’ll be one of the first to join.


8. Use whatshouldireadnext.com

Sometimes you just don’t know what to read next which can demotivate your reading run. That’s where whatshouldireadnext.com comes into play. This simple website allows you to type in a book you enjoy (it could be your favourite book of all time or simply one you enjoyed recently) and it will recommend books of a similar style. E.g. I typed in Jade City by Fonda Lee and got back The Fifth Season by NK Jemisin and A Darker Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab – one of which I’ve read and another of which I’m very keen to read.

Eight ways to get out of your reading slump
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