Luke’s Book Quiz Round 2

So the first book quiz went down quite well. It’s one of my most popular posts so I’ve decided to do another. It’s actually trickier than you might think sourcing questions and answers that you feel are right for your audience. A usual, the quiz questions hopefully get a little harder as they go on and the rules on how to play are below.

Book quiz round two

RULES: I wanted to make the quiz playable as a single-player or on screens in front of people too – therefore I have written the answers in white and you simply have to highlight them to get the answer. Also, the questions get harder the further into the quiz you go (in theory anyway). ENJOY!

What fictional prison is defended by The Dementors?

Answer: Azkaban

In Hamnet, what name does Maggie O’Farrell use in place of Shakespeare’s wife Anne Hathaway?

Answer: Agnes

What’s the name of the main protagonist from Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code?

Answer: Robert Langdon

How many books are there in the Wheel of Time series?

Answer: Fourteen

What’s the name of the book Lucy Foley wrote before The Guest List?

Answer: The Hunting Party

In which decade was the original Lord of the Rings book released?

Answer: 1950s

Who wrote the Bridget Jones’ Diary novel?

Answer: Helen Fielding

From which Charles Dickens novel does this first line come from? ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’

Answer: A Tale of Two Cities

Daisy Buchanan is the love interest from which F Scott Fitzgerald novel?

Answer: The Great Gatsby

The Hunger Games was written by which author?

Answer: Suzanne Collins

What single word completes the title of this book series by James Dashner: ‘The Maze…what?’

Answer: Runner

In what decade was the first Paddington Bear novel published?

Answer: 1950s

Did you like this book quiz? Feel free to send me some questions via my email or social media below as I plan on doing plenty more rounds.

If quizzes aren’t your sort of thing and you’d prefer to read something a bit more substantial, there’s plenty more content to be found across the website.

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