Chapters book tag – all the chapter questions answered

I was kindly tagged by @amyreadslit on Instagram to take part in this bookish tag. I often forget about these, but I was determined to take part this time.

Chapters book tag with a pile of books.

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This one was an easy enough tag to take part in as it didn’t require me to run off and curate a big selection of specific books from my bookshelf for the picture. I just picked a random selection including the one book I do specifically mention.

The tag itself asks questions about chapters in books specifically as well as how I like my chapters formatted. It might be something you’re not that bothered to know, but it may also offer an interesting point of discussion or insight into me!

Long or short chapters?

I absolutely love a shorter chapter! If I can feel like I’ve read loads of chapters in the same amount of time as a regular chapter then that’s a win. However, I say this as a massive fantasy book fan which are books that often contain quite long chapters!!

Chapter name or number?

It’s got to be a chapter number for me! I’m a big audiobook listener and I also like to be able to read the book at the same time, so is I I know where I am in the book based on the chapter number it is a lot easier for me to then pick up the book or audiobook from where I left off!

Multiple or Single POV?

It 100% depends on how well it’s executed, to be honest! I love a single POV because it’s open easier to follow as you don’t have to use your brain to remember whose point of view you’re reading from.

But on the other hand, some books do multiple points of view really well and can often offer up a much greater reading experience!

Stop in the middle or finish a chapter?

I always try my hardest to get to the end of a chapter so that when I then go to pick it up again I’m not having to work out what happened previously.

Checking the chapter length before reading?

It depends if I’m trying to finish reading or not. If I want to round up my reading then I’ll often check the length of the next chapter. 

This is actually one of my favourite things about having a Kindle or using the app, it learns your reading speed and tells you how much longer it’ll take you to finish the chapter or the whole book!

Bookmark, dog ear or dust jacket?

Bookmark every day of the week. I don’t often have hardbacks and I would never in a million years dog ear pages anymore. I used to a long time ago, but now I often buy books brand new, it feels wrong to tarnish them this way!

Latest book where you binged the chapters?

The last book I properly binged through the chapters of was probably The Last Thing To Burn by Will Dean. It was a book that I stayed up quite late one night reading and this isn’t something I often do!!

So there you have it…

Did these answers all match up with your thoughts too or is there something I’ve said here that absolutely goes against the very ethos of your reading? Let me know via the comments below.

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