Blogger Spotlight: Weird & Liberated

As part of a new thing I’m trying to do, I’ve been putting call outs on my social media pages for people to DM me their emails so I can send them some questions so I can highlight some of the bloggers out there that either don’t feel they’re getting the exposure they deserve or who just want to branch out their audience.

This feature will give you a chance to meet new bloggers and potentially sign up to new blogs and will also possibly introduce you to new hobbies and interests.

Blogger spotlight weird and liberated

In this first post we’re looking at ‘Weird & Liberated’:

What is your blog about?
Weird & Liberated is a lifestyle blog where I share my personal stories, thoughts, interests and my thoughts on anything and everything.
I pretty much write about whatever’s on my mind and things going on around me.
What do you think makes your blog stand out from others?
My unique voice. I write quite a bit of personal content and no one can tell my stories the way that I can. I also think I’m relatable. My blog is a lot like me, unpredictable.
What made you want to start a blog?
It was just something that sort of happened because I wasn’t feeling so good about myself and life. I wrote a blog post about it. You’ll find it on my blog.
What’s your most successful post you’ve ever written?
I’m not sure what my most successful post ever written is because I’ve published and unpublished some of the most successful ones. BUT I’d say it’s the interview post with podcaster Shauntay.
What was your proudest moment as a blogger?
Being nominated for the AfroBloggers Awards in the lifestyle section.
What advice would you give to those looking to start a blog?
DO IT and do it with passion (and love)! When you do things with love people will naturally be drawn to you and you’ll do well.
Learn from bloggers who are doing something similar to what you’re hoping to do.
Oh, and if you can buy your domain from the get-go it will be to your advantage.

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