Blogger Spotlight on The Livi Chronicles

Welcome back to another Blogger Spotlight. For these articles, I have sent out a request to anybody who would be interested in having their blog shown on another blog to reach out and answer some questions for me. Today I’ll be highlighting The Livi Chronicles, a book and lifestyle blog run by Livi.

Blogger Spotlight on Livi Chronicles

Both a fan of books and a fan of fashion, food and other trends, Livi set up a blog that would allow her to fulfil her passion for writing as well. Since writing these questions, she’s looking to broaden her horizons to include a wider range of content on her blog.

What made you get into blogging?

I have always wanted to create a platform to share my writing and connect with other writers and overall meet a new array of people. Since I am in college I found that now was the best time to start a blog, if ever, because it is helping me connect with people both towards my major and personal goals of writing, reading, and becoming an author!

What’s your most successful post?

Since I am still new, none of my posts stand out in comparison to another, but one that did strike interest more than the rest was my very first post, which I considered the pilot. It enlightened me that people took the time to read up about me and why I started the blog!

What’s been your biggest uphill battle with blogging?

Starting a blog just a month ago opened up the instant opportunity to partake in Blogtober and post every day of October, which is great! I have been successful so far, but I do feel like my content is not up to par with more experienced bloggers. The struggle is not necessarily the competition with other blogs but just learning a routine and strategy that can attract more readers.

What are you most proud of about your blog?

Overall, I am most proud of the fact that I even started a blog. When I first published the website, my intentions were to just post lifestyle content and nothing more. I am proud of my improvement thus far, I now review books for authors and am planning to write a novel during NaNoWriMo, none of which would be happening if I did not open up my platform and connect with the writing community!

What one tip would you give to people looking to start a blog?

My biggest tip would be to just start. Just launch the website, and let the ideas flow. It definitely was intimidating to post at first with the blank blog on my screen, but as I have posted more and am flowing along with posts, I have become much more comfortable and excited to display the content I create. Posting excerpts and seeing your work online is an accomplishment in itself, do not stress about the views or subscriptions.

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