Blogger Spotlight: Cooking the Books

In today’s Blogger Spotlight, we’re highlighting Kayleigh’s “Cooking the Books” blog where she highlights indie authors and their books. Kayleigh isn’t in the game to get followers or likes for herself, she wants the indie authors she promotes to get more book sales to reward them for their incredible work.

Blogger Spotlight Cooking The Books
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What made you get into blogging?

In the grand scheme of things, I am a very small fish in a massive pond in regards to the book blogging world. I met virtually via a Facebook book club, some really lovely authors whose writing I absolutely fell in love with. The sheer brilliance and the rawness of their talent was the firestarter for my blog. My whole reason and soul purpose is to shine a light and give more exposure to Indie authors. I wanted everyone to see what I see, the untapped talent, the freedom they have that a lot of writers don’t, their passion and the determination in getting their books out into the world.

What’s your most successful post?

I’m not sure I have one to be quite honest. But do you know what? I really don’t mind. I don’t blog to get likes, followers, recognition or awards, I do it purely for the love of the books and the authors. Reward enough for me is knowing that someone else found an indie book and loved it too because of me. I just want to spread the indie love far and wide.

What’s been your biggest uphill battle with blogging?

Getting seen. I am working to get indie authors and their books more exposure, so creating eyecatching content whilst being relevant and staying true to my whole objective is really important.

What are you most proud of about your blog?

Besides the lovely authors I have met, some of which have become my best friends, I would have to say the feeling I got knowing that a review I wrote and shared helped boost an indie author’s sales. Me, I made that happen!

What one tip would you give to people looking to start a blog?

The one tip I would give, given that I am relatively new to it myself, is to just blog about what you are passionate about or what you want the whole world to become passionate about. And also just to have fun with it!

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