Tribe of the Accord by Shaun Michael Stone book review

I was kindly sent Tribe of the Accord by Stone himself. I was in limbo with whether I could take any more review requests but after seeing the front cover and hearing about the unique premise, it piqued my interest and so I said I’d be happy to review a copy.

Tribe of the Accord by Shaun Michael Stone book review. Me holding the book, smiling, in front of a book shelf.

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Please note that I received a copy of Tribe of the Accord from the author in return for an honest review.

Tribe of the Accord appealed to me straight away, as I said above, with the beautiful front cover and the very unique premise. Essentially the story is about a young tribeswoman who roams the wild with her father, however, one day he is kidnapped and she is left to fend for herself whilst trying to find out where he is. Along the way, she finds new people, has to find acceptance and continues her search for both her father and the truth.

I’ve never read anything from this time period before and so I loved the idea.

Tribe of the Accord plot – 4.25/5

From the outset, I think Stone knew what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go with Tribe of the Accord and that translates into a story that feels well-rounded with very little waste.

Adira, our main protagonist is used to living in the wilderness with her father, Torion. But when he’s taken and she doesn’t know who by, she begins to wonder what has happened. It’s a great story about a woman who’s struggled with a particular way of life having to adapt to a new one as well as trying to remain brave throughout.

The plot has a lot of action with some moments of a slower pace to allow for character building and interactions between the main protagonists.

There’s also a really neat twist at the end which gives the whole book a new layer of depth and I was impressed that Stone didn’t opt to choose the easy ending but actually chose to go down a path that may not make all readers of the book but which I did enjoy as it showed maturity in story writing. It also leaves a lot of potential for a sequel.

Tribe of the Accord characters – 4/5

I imagine when you come to write a novel you always start with a great plot in your head which you plan out and then hope to hit the main markers for as you write. However, one of the elements of a book that has to be good for me is the characters. If you write a great plot but I couldn’t care less about who is taking part in it then you’ll struggle to wow me. Luckily, Tribe of the Accord does just enough to impress me.

Adira is whom we spend nearly every single moment of the book with. She’s a young, passionate and stubborn woman. She has grown up with a father figure who has instilled in her a specific way of hunting and interacting and being and when these ideals are challenged, it takes a lot for her to change. However, as with any good book, she does mature and learn.

Additionally, we have another protagonist in this book who at no point does anything likeable. They are rude, stubborn and at times outright mean and unfair. However, they show slight moments of weakness, honesty and respect which coupled with a backstory to explain their hardness gives us a reason to want them to change their ways and be a nicer person rather than simply dislike them. They’re a great character who ended up becoming one of my favourites to read.

Tribe of the Accord final rating – 4.25/5

There’s not a lot to dislike about Tribe of the Accord, it isn’t my absolute favourite book of the year but considering the early career of the author, it’s an incredibly solid and likable book. It has a unique setting of humanity thousands of years ago during their tribal times, it has a mature story and a mature cast of characters that aren’t always easy to write. If you’re looking for something a bit different to read but is also a nice and easy read, Tribe of the Accord should definitely be a book you should consider picking up!

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