The Housemaid’s Secret by Freida McFadden book review

So often a book comes out that everybody starts talking about and then you read it and it’s a disappointment. This was not the case with The Housemaid which I was incredibly impressed by, even going as far as to include it in my top ten books of the year list.

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However, what can then happen is the author writes a sequel to this incredibly successful book and it’s awful because the magic isn’t there like in the first book. Once again, this is not the case with The Housemaid’s Secret, a very solid follow up which keeps the same mood and protagonist but in a different location.

Worth noting that there are some spoilers from the previous book in this review. So if you’ve not read my review of that yet, you may wish to do so before reading my review of this.

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The Housemaid’s Secret plot – 4.5/5

The Housemaid’s Secret picks up after our main protagonist from The Housemaid has come back to America after running away from her previous employ. She’s left the handsome gardener she was with before and is now living in the city and looking for employ.

She quickly finds employment with a rich man and his wife whom she’s never supposed to see. It all seems a bit odd and so Millie starts to get suspicious. What then ensues is a book that feels very similar to the first with constant questions being asked, a sense that something doesn’t feel quite right and short chapters leaving you flipping at a rate of knots.

In the same way as the book, there’s a moment in the book where everything is flipped on its head and left me really impressed. However, what left me further impressed was the fact that McFadden managed to avoid any major plot holes and even manages to throw in some little gems at the end too.

The Housemaid’s Secret characters – 4.5/5

Once again McFadden has managed to write in some really genuine characters in this. As with the first book, we find ourselves viewing most of the book from Millie’s point of view but there are a few chapters from another point of view.

In all circumstances, McFadden gives real personality to the characters, rather than making them simple placeholders to just guide the plot along. Without giving away too many spoilers, Millie and our other character give real energy to the story and also make you give more of a damn about their outcomes.

McFadden even tries to embed a love story into the book which I’d argue starts off strong with a mature and understandable friction but then I think just goes down the easy route unfortunately. But it’s not enough of a detriment to my thoughts on McFadden’s ability to write real and engaging characters.

The Housemaid’s Secret final rating – 4.5/5

I always doubt if a sequel is going to match the first book, especially in the thriller genre. However, McFadden has accomplished a rare task in completely matching how impressed I was with the first book The Housemaid. The Housemaid’s Secret is a fantastic thriller with a fast pace, genuinely engaging plot and once again another moment that will have you shocked. McFadden is quickly becoming a name I may have to focus on more. I’ll definitely have to read some more of her books!

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