Book Review: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

If you’re a fan of fantasy, you’ve likely heard of The Name of the Wind. Either because you’ve read it and you’ve got your views on it or because you’ve heard about the author and how we’re still awaiting the third book after the sequel came out 10 years ago now. Either way, The Name of the Wind is a book I felt I had to give my views on.

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss book review
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The Name of the Wind covers two timelines, one more than the other. It tells the tale of Kvothe told by Kote (Kvothe in the future) and the journey he goes on to become a legend. This book really is a journey and one that I think you’ll enjoy going on.

Plot – 5/5

As stated above, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss sees Kote tell the story of his own life. How, despite working in an inn, he was once a legend. His tale takes you from the beginning of his life, through his time in a wizarding school, his attempts to adapt throughout the world and includes many stories of how he built his legend.

The story is epic – there’s no doubting it. Kvothe experiences some really great things and the book features a fantastic magic system that Kvothe must study and therefore shows the system has depth. It’s a great read that you should stick with. I read this book and remember thinking that some of the action was sporadic. But this book is almost 700 pages long so allows for plenty of filler.1

This isn’t particularly plot but I must add that Rothfuss’ writing is simply incredible. This book borders between storytelling and poetry and makes the more dull sections of the plot more interesting by simply describing them in such beautiful ways.

Characters – 4.5/5

This is a section that could cause some controversy. There are quite a few discussions around how Kote/Kvothe is an incredible arrogant character. The whole premise of talking about how amazing your life has been and how you’ve become a legend does suggest some arrogance. But also, this is the whole point of the book and I don’t remember thinking the character himself was particularly intolerable. Kvothe does have noticeable flaws which I liked – he’s not your perfect hero, he’s stubborn, he’s sometimes wrong and sometimes rude. I enjoyed that.

There are some characters that Kvothe meets throughout his journey, none of whom I was particularly in love with. During his time at the university (not a spoiler) he picks up some great friends and an enemy in the typical wizarding school trope way and you do feel some actual dislike towards his arch-nemesis so u suppose that’s good. However, I feel like Rothfuss’ speciality is his incredible storytelling and the way in which he tells it. Though I must say there are a lot of characters in this book and Rothfuss does make them all feel unique and have their own impact on Kvothe’s life so that in itself is a talent so I’ll give them a 4.5.

The Name of the Wind summary – 5/5

The Name of the Wind is a highly-rated book and for good reason. Patrick Rothfuss’ debut novel is a wonderfully told story in a beautiful way. He creates an engaging plot to tell the legend of Kvothe and it really makes you want to read the sequel and learn more about the trials and tribulations that the main protagonist finds himself in.

Considering this is the first novel Rothfuss has ever written, you can tell he has a talent and I think this is what the discussions are also about with this novel. The Name of the Wind is a fantasy epic. It’s an incredible tale, it’s incredibly well written and it’s wholly enjoyable. Pick up The Name of the Wind here.

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