Have You Seen These Super Useful Book-Reader Gadgets?

Reading is great fun – you can escape to a different world, fantasise about other characters or just end up crying at people that don’t even exist. However, there are definitely ways you can make reading more fun – with gadgets!

I’m somebody who has recently become obsessed with those Tik Tok products or Facebook products that pop up for some odd gadget that’s usually around £5-£50 and solves two problems at once.

Have You Seen These Super Useful Book Gadgets?

After looking across the web for some of the best things book readers should definitely pick up that may maybe hadn’t thought of before.

Below are just some of the great things I’ve found that I will definitely be picking up!!

Please note that this article contains affiliate links. Affiliate links mean that if you choose to purchase any of the products via any of the links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you to help support the blog. These affiliate links do not affect my opinions of the products.

Clip-on Book Light

Don’t we all love a good reading light? Well, I had a good search online for one that offered easy reading access but wasn’t too difficult to actually use every day. There are plenty of book lights out there but finding one that was small, easy to pack and also easy to use was slightly trickier. I think this would do all of those jobs really well and all for under a tenner!

TILISMA Thumb Thing

Another problem that often needs solving when you’re reading is holding a book with one hand but still managing to keep the pages open. We’ve all done the three fingers behind the book and thumb and pinky in front to keep the pages apart but why not just pick up this cheap Thumb Thing (actually its name).

Made of wood and yet apparently still light, it’s nothing flashy but also something really cool that may well save you some finger ache.

Really Tiny Book Light

So I’ve shown you one book light already. Well, how about this little chap as an alternative? You can clip it to any page or section in your book and then adjust it freely to pretty much any angle or height to your liking. It’s also tiny, really cheap and comes in lots of different colours so it’ll suit any reader’s needs.

IF Little Book Holder

So there’s the Thumb Thing I showed you above, But what about something slightly different? Well with the IF Little Book Holder, this little chap can separate your pages for your from above. He also slides into your pages in such a where your next page is easier to access. Also, because he’s essentially just a piece of plastic, he’s only £2.99. And they don’t discriminate either, they come in all sorts of different colours!

Magnetic Bookmarks

Now, are these really any sort of gadget or anything particularly unique? No. But are they really aesthetically pleasing and come in a pack of ten meaning they can be used for literally anything – marking pages to refer to later, bookmarking multiple books or even for giving to different mates? Yes. So go ahead and bloody buy them!

Neck Book Light

Oh what’s that? Another book light? Yes, another bloody book light. But how many times are you in the middle of a great book and your partner goes “Alexa, turn off the bedside lamp”? Oh, just me? Well, either way, I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar – you’re in a room where you have to have the light off but you want to keep reading. Well, this nifty neck light could well be your saving grace. No, you’re not going to be walking down the catwalk during Paris fashion week wearing this thing, you’ll be curled up in your bed with a book so let’s forget that it looks a tad dorky. The reviews for it are really positive and I’m definitely going to be looking at getting a book light (one of the 84 I’ve mentioned at least).

And last, but by no means least, a gadget I think everybody should get…

Sleep Mask with built-in headphones

I actually have these. I think I saw an advert for some on Tik Tok but they were about £40odd and I thought “if I go to Amazon, i guarantee you some Chinese companies will have repackaged these for far cheaper” and voila, there they were – about 40,000,000 sleep masks with built-in headphones in every shape and size you can think of.

The ones I went for in the end were these. I thought they looked the most comfortable and they offered adjustable earphones (they’re inside the straps – limited movement but still adjustable) as I have a massive head. I also didn’t want one of the ones that look like a large strap as breathing through my nose is important for me when going to sleep (and… being alive.)

These are great for listening to my audiobooks before I go to sleep – which I do every night. The sound quality on them isn’t going to have Bose and Sony quaking in their boots but when you’re listening to just audiobooks, they’re perfectly adequate once you get the position of the earphones right on your head.

So yeah, I’ve been using a pair of these now for a while and I must say, after a little getting used to (having a strap over your ears feels very unsupported as you’re used to it going much higher) I’ve actually gotten to sleep far quicker than I have for many years. I would highly recommend picking yourself a pair of these.


So there you have it. There are some really nifty little gadgets that, if you’re a reader, you should definitely consider picking up. They could also work as fantastic gifts for your bookish friends who may need any of these small problems solving to improve their reading experience.

If you’ve picked up anything that you think you couldn’t live without now that you want to recommend, please do. I love picking up these sort of things and am more than happy to add to this list or take suggestions. Feel free to contact me via my social media channels below or even just drop a comment.