The 5 Most-Read Articles on my Blog from April 2023

Let’s be honest right off the bat, I only posted a few articles in April, four of which were book reviews so there’s really not much choice for the most-read articles from the month. However, seeing which articles performed the best should be interesting. It’s more of a contest to see which reviews were the most popular from the month.

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As I said, April was mostly book reviews and not that many at that so the list below comprises four book reviews and the round-up of the books I read in April.

As always, all I’ve done to get these is go to my Google Analytics, see which pages had the most page views in April and then choose the top five which were also published in April. I do it this way so I don’t end up giving you a list of articles which are the trending articles generally on my blog, though this may be something I look to do in the future!

These articles are then placed into order from the least read to the most read. I know, it’s an ingenious idea – I’m not really sure how I thought of it all by myself!

What I’ve done for each of these articles is pulled an extract from them, usually the last paragraph or so to give you an idea of what they’re about if you couldn’t guess from the title. Then of course there are links to each article and, if it’s a book review, an option to buy the relevant book from Amazon too.

5. An Idiot Abroad by Karl Pilkington book review

“If you fancy picking something up that’s quick and easy to read and will guarantee you a laugh then you won’t go wrong with An Idiot Abroad. If you’re looking for something more serious that will teach you about the Seven Wonders of the World, you’re probably better off going elsewhere, but if you’re looking for some wonderfully unique takes and a good laugh at the expense of a man who is not afraid to give his honest, British, down-to-earth opinion then you’ll find this diary of Karl Pilkington’s travels an absolute hoot!”

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4. The 6 Books I Read in April 2023

April has been another fantastic month of reading for me which, as I mentioned at the start, included a wide range of different genres.

I’d have to say my favourite book of the month is either Beartown or The Four Winds, however, it could also be Aiduel’s Sin. So let’s just say I have three favourite books from this month. However, even having not finished the reviews for three of the books on this list, I know no book I read in April is going to have less than a 4 rating.

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3. Beartown by Fredrik Backman book review

Fredrik Backman has done it again with Beartown. He’s written a fairly odd book about a very unique situation and has dragged me deep into investing in the characters and flipping the pages at a rate of knots to see what’s going to happen next. As with all of Backman’s books, Beartown starts a little slow as Backman builds depth to all of the characters but halfway you’ll be shocked, pulled in and won’t come back up for breath again until the very last page. Beartown continues my love for Fredrik Backman and my insistence that he is one author who everybody should read.

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2. The Four Winds by Hannah Kristin

“Sometimes a book will come along that you’ve heard some good things about but you go into it with a lot of scepticism because you’ve been oversold a book before. However, I can assuredly say that’s not the case with The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah. A story about life, struggles, poverty, survival and motherhood with characters who you root for and fall in love with and written in a way that almost feels poetic makes The Four Winds one of my must-read books I’ll be telling everybody to read!”

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1. Nomad by James Swallow book review

Nomad is a great action spy thriller featuring a main character who you can vouch for. The plot isn’t the quickest and can sometimes suffer from a little bit too much exposition but it’s gripping and features some fantastic knowledge and depth that makes you really feel like you’re reading about a true spy story.

Nomad has a fairly monotonous protagonist but some great supporting characters who will keep you guessing as to their loyalties which adds to the engaging story. Nomad doesn’t break ground in the genre but it certainly offers up a really interesting military thriller which makes me want t continue the series at some point.”

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In summary…

There you have it! Nomad by James Swallow was my most popular review of the month. I knew it was a popular book but I didn’t think it was going to be that popular.

On the other hand, I’m not surprised to see The Four Winds so high up on the list. It’s a very popular book online and I think a lot of people have either read of it or heard of it in the circles that my social media channels are in.

Next month I’m going to try my best to write some slightly varied content so it’s not all book reviews and round-up articles. We’ll see if these alternative articles do as well!

What articles did the best for you this month? Which of the articles from above did you see on my social or which did you find via social? Let me know via the comments below or via my social channels.

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