New Author Book Haul Giveaway – 11 October 2021

Hello and welcome to my blog! if you’re a regular visitor here, welcome back, if you’re not WELCOME! You’re here because you’ve clicked a link to find out more about the books you’ve seen pictures of and want to know a little bit more about what you’re getting yourself in for.

Book haul giveaway

A few weeks ago I hit 2,000 Followers on Instagram and have since also hit over 1,000 followers on Twitter. I decided I wanted to do a giveaway to say thank you to everybody who has chosen to follow me. After a little think – I realised most of my audience follow me for the book-related content that I post. I quickly decided I wanted to do a physical book giveaway. HOWEVER, I had no idea what sort of books to give away or how to source them without breaking the bank. I like my own collection of books and I didn’t want to go and just get a random selection of books. Therefore, I thought I’d do something slightly different and contact new authors or people who’d asked me to review their novel and ask if they’d be happy to send me two physical copies – one for the giveaway and one for me to review.

By doing this I want to highlight new authors to a whole new audience. I hope that by coming to this page you find a brand new author who in the next ten years will be up there with the likes of Lisa Jewell, Brandon Sanderson, Matt Haig and so on.

So how does it work?

Good question! Because I contacted a range of different authors who provided me with quite an array of different genres of books, I’ve decided to split the giveaway into two possible winners – you can either win one selection of books or the other – but not both. Depending on which social media platform you’ve come from, there’ll be slightly different rules. Below are the two categories and then below those are the blurbs for the books as written on Amazon. Please read the blurbs so you can gain a better idea of whether you actually want to read them. Scroll to the bottom to find out how to enter or follow the rules on the social media platform you came from.

The Fantasy and Science Fiction selection

  • Greed by Tim Beeden
  • Atonium: A Thread of Existence by J.G. Maughan
  • Kiranis: Gods of Kiranis by Ronald A. Geobey
  • Pariah’s Lament by Richie Billing

The other books selection

  • Alice, Shaken and Definitely Stirred by Paula Smith
  • Where are we tomorrow? By Tavi Taylor Black
  • Corners Untouched by Madness by N. Daniel

Greed by Tim Beeden

When Gregory Hoffenbach unearths a valuable stone while ploughing, he believes it could put an end to all his woes.

It doesn’t. In fact it’s just the beginning.

Greg heads into the city of Calver with his brother Ralph to try and sell the stone but soon they discover that there are plenty of people in the Kingdom who’d like to own Greg’s red stone.

Over the next few days, the brothers strike a deal with a prominent crime boss, stumble into a plot to overthrow the King and have a hand in the death of an over-ambitious hay salesman.

Fortunately for them, they’ve got help. Some very useful and very violent help.

It seems everyone wants Greg’s stone and they’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Greg? He just wants a new plough.

A story about working out what’s valuable in life and then trying to take it from someone else.

Atonium: A Thread of Existence by J.G. Maughan

Insefel is a promising junior physicist, about to embark on the most exciting scientific endeavour of the 21st Century. We join him on the morning of the machines big switch on, the day humanity tries to prove the existence of the ‘God’ particle 

But the experiment is a disaster and the repercussions threaten to destroy the Earth. Then suddenly, Insefel is propelled through time and space.

An adventure like no other unfolds—immersive and mesmerising. What Insefel discovers, out in the far reaches of the cosmos leaves him in awe and wonder. But there is a great darkness that looms over the Universe. Insefel must steadfast his resolve, or all could be lost.

A thought-provoking, beautifully written multiverse odyssey.

A must read for all sci-fi fans.

Kiranis: Gods of Kiranis by Ronald A. Geobey

A mysterious structure encompasses Earth, and while the Church of the New Elect prepares for communion with the Sentience, a dark and distant world is reborn. 

Making an alliance with a powerful and enigmatic species, humankind is brought to a terrible realisation: they do not belong in this universe.

Cassandra Messina was warned these days would come, and she believes God is on her side. 

But the one who speaks from the shadows is not a god at all.

Not even close.

Pariah’s Lament by Richie Billing

When an attempt is made on the life of Ashara, Keeper of Yurr, his young, hapless advisor Edvar must uncover and stop those behind it.

With enemies in the capital city and the belligerent Tesh, Keeper of neighbouring nation Karrabar stirring trouble in the Borderlands, can Edvar hold together Ashara’s brittle reign?

The troubles ripple throughout Yurr, affecting an ancient race of people known as the Amast, who in their time of utmost need, turn to pariah Isy for salvation. Rejected by society, kith and kin, can Isy guide the Amast to safety during the greatest turmoil Yurr has known since the War of the Damned?

Alice, Shaken and Definitely Stirred by Paula Smith

This uplifting romantic comedy takes you on Alice’s journey, interweaving her relationships with real-life characters and dreams involving her favourite romantic screen idols.

Lamenting the loss of her long-term partner and having been made redundant, Alice makes a New Year’s resolution to get on with life, and definitely without a man. But things don’t quite go to plan. As her Aunt Betty says, ‘Men, dear, are like buses, there are none on the horizon then three come along at once.’ Alice certainly is shaken and definitely stirred. 

Where are we tomorrow? By Tavi Taylor Black

Alex Evans, a thirty-six-year-old touring electrician, discovers through an accidental pregnancy and then the pain of miscarriage that she truly wants a family. But to attempt another pregnancy, she’ll have to change both her career and her relationship; her partner Connor, ten years her senior, isn’t prepared to become a father again.

When Alex is implicated in an accident involving the female pop star she works for, she and three other women on tour rent a house together in Tuscany. While the tour regroups, confessions are made, secrets are spilled: the guitar tech conceals a forbidden love, the production assistant’s ambition knows no limits, and the personal assistant battles mental issues.

Through arguments and accidents, combating drug use and religion, the women help each other look back on the choices they’ve made, eventually buoying each other, offering up strength to face tough decisions ahead.

Corners Untouched by Madness

Daniel bares his pain and internal hardship in this riveting story which is both a lesson in atonement and a heartfelt apology to those the author has hurt.

Daniel, the main character, settles for a mundane office job in the suburbs but is haunted with guilt. When a beautiful woman from his past appears, it ignites a chain reaction, setting him on a journey to confront his troubled history. Based on actual events, this inspiring story attempts to enlighten its audience with humour, passion and a lesson in perseverance. Will Daniel be able to brave his trauma and put his inner demons to rest? Or will he be consumed by the most cunning adversary of all? The truth.

So how do I enter?

To enter, it’s simple: for each of the things you do below, you gain an entry into the giveaway. Then at the end, your name will be added onto the random generator the number of times you’ve entered. Ie, if you perform three of the four tasks below, you’ll have three chances of winning.

So to enter, you can do any number of the following but please state in whichever you choose which book selection you’re entering for and make sure you’re following me. If you’d like to enter for both you need to repeat any of the methods:

  1. Tag two friends in the comments with the book selection you’d like to win.
  2. Share the post to your stories/Retweet the post
  3. Join my Bookish and Blogging Telegram group:
  4. Sign up for my newsletter: (if you’re already signed up, DM me your email address to confirm)


  1. You can enter for each book selection but you must perform the actions twice, stating you’d like to enter for each selection on both entries.
  2. You must be following me on whichever platform you enter on.
  3. UK ONLY – Unfortunately, due to the extreme shipping costs, this is UK-based only.
  4. The giveaway will close 18 October at 20:00 BST and each winner will be announced that evening.

Good luck!

Thank you to everybody who enters – if you have ANY questions, feel free to DM me on social media or drop me an email and GOOD LUCK!

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