My Most-Read Articles from June 2022

At the end of each month, I have a look back and see which articles did the best throughout those four weeks. This is an interesting insight into which articles people found useful, which articles my social media platforms promoted the best, also, which articles maybe need another push to get them into people’s eyes.

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June has been a month of highs for my blog. I received a new monthly viewership of 4.8k users which means, as it suggests, 4,800 people chose to come to my blog this month. This seems to be growing every month at the moment which is absolutely fantastic to see.

What’s more interesting to see is that the vast majority of views I’m getting are coming from Google which is perfect. What this means is that no matter my efforts on social media, my SEO is working well enough that when these topics and articles are searched and every time somebody chooses my review/article/story, it builds Google’s trust in me more and therefore they will promote my articles higher up in their results already.

You’ll see it with the likes of my The Terminal List review, It Ends with Us review and We Begin At The End review that when you search these in Google, I now appear on the very first page which is absolutely massive for the growth of my blog. And, as you’ll see below, if someone searches “Question of the day for Bookstagram” on Google, my page comes up as a snippet and suggestion! It’s unbelievable.

Anyway, let’s get on with this month’s top five articles. As always, they order from the fifth most-viewed to the first most-viewed. These are all articles that I posted within June too (or these particular articles would become very samey, as mentioned above).

So here they are:

5. Steven Edie Author Interview

As part of something new, I decided to start a new weekly series where I sent the same questions to different authors who were interested and then with a slight tweak and their approval, I posted their responses.

First up was Steven Edie, the author of a book called Suburb, a book about returning home from Uni not really feeling like your home is enough anymore and then getting yourself involved with a woman from next door. Steven’s interview is fascinating as he discusses the difficulties with publishing, the time it takes to get it right and some of the best things to come out of writing and publishing a book.

Read the blog post here.

4. You Asked me Questions and Here Are My Answers

Engaging with the thousands of nutters who find my blog useful is absolutely, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding things about running a blog. Therefore, I put out on social media that if anybody had any burning questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them in a blog post.

I received some great questions that ranged from if I’m excited to see the upcoming Where The Crawdads Sing film to what book has been on my TBR the longest to whether I have a schedule for my blogging. If you’ve ever wanted to ask me anything, you may find your question answered in this article.

Read the blog post here.

3. The Family Remains by Lisa Jewell book review

I’m not surprised that this book review is in the top five to be fair. It’s Lisa Jewell’s sequel to her very popular The Family Upstairs (review for that here) and I was lucky enough to receive an ARC (advanced reader copy) for it so I could read and get a review of it up early.

My review essentially states that it feels quite different from the first book. It’s not quite the same level of creepy and eery as the first but still does a great job of building suspense and taking us on a thriller journey. I also noted that this may be one of Lisa Jewell’s best character-focused books. I noted that usually the suspense and plot are enough for Jewell to not really have to deep-dove into creating personalities for characters but in this, there are definitely some of the best she’s written.

Read my full review here.

Pre-order your own copy of The Family Remains from Amazon.

2. How To Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie book review

Now, this article was popular either because people were intrigued by the title as they’d heard about it and wanted to see if the content matched up with the unique title or people were Googling unsavoury things and stumbled across what they thought might be a review on an instructional guide. Either way, I’m not bothered as it was my second most-read article of the month.

Unfortunately, the book itself wasn’t very good. The plot was dull and the main character was incredibly annoying – the only slight saving grace was that sometimes the annoying things she would say were actually quite funny.

Read my full review here

Pick up your own copy of How To Kill Your Family from Amazon.

1. The Familiars by Stacey Hall book review

This article being at the top of the list is quite an interesting one. I have two theories: either it’s a secretly loved book that a lot of people wanted to read my opinions on. Or, due to it being such a beautiful front cover, people have clicked through on social media to see if the content matches the cover.

Unfortunately, it does not. This was another book that massively disappointed me. I was constantly waiting for something to actually happen and it never did. There was maybe one slightly exciting part of the book, and it was fairly short-lived. On top of this, both of the main characters were trying to build a relationship you’d enjoy but I just found one of them utterly droll.

Read my full review here.

Pick up a copy of The Familiars from Amazon.

A quick round-up

So there you have it. Those are the top five blog posts I posted this month. I’m interested to see that my The Family Remains review didn’t end up higher – I thought with it being a pre-release of a much-anticipated sequel, it may have done better on social media, but maybe I just posted it on a poor day.

Come back next month to see which articles did the best that month too.

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