My 5 Most Read Articles from April 2022

At the start of each month, I highlight the best performing posts from the previous month. I only include articles I actually posted throughout that month and they’re written in order. I don’t do this to brag, it is to highlight what posts work well and which possibly don’t for those prospective bloggers. Here are the most successful blog posts from the month of April 2022.

My Five Most Read Articles from April 2022

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April was an exciting month for my blog when it comes to viewership stats. The majority of my article reviews now are coming from Google which is great as it means I don’t have to rely on my social media channels quite as much anymore. I’m now posting articles that I know within a month will have doubled in views at least thanks to the solid SEO process I have in place.

I received a message from a friend saying they’d gone to look for a book review and my blog was the fourth option they found on Google which was so good to hear as it shows that my SEO is working and that Google is respecting my blog!

The most-read articles from this month have a good range to them. They’re not all book reviews and they’re not all from another type of category either. As well as a review of a fantastic new fantasy book there are some opinion pieces and a round-up of some of the best fantasy books in Twitter’s opinion.

Why I Use eBooks, Audiobooks and physical books

5. Why I use eBooks, Audiobooks AND Physical Books

The fifth most successful article from this month was my recent article on why I use eBooks, Audiobooks AND Physical Books. I often read on social media that people don’t consider audiobooks atual reading or that they don’t have the space of physical books or that they couldn’t live without their library being on their Kindle. So I thought I would write an article about why I absolutely adore and need all three!

Read the full articles here.

I've Read 7 of the Top 10 Most Read Books from 2021

4. I’ve Read 7 of the Top 10 Most-Read Books from 2021 – Here’s What I Thought

I decided to check out the top 10 most-read books from Goodreads’ list from 2021 and I found out that I’ve actually already read seven of them which was fun! I thought I’d go through and give my quick review on each book from the seven that I’ve read to let you know if they’re worth the hype or not. I do also plan on finishing the list and reading the other three at some point too!

Read the full article here.

Book Quiz Round Six

3. Luke’s Blog Book Quiz Round 6 – 12 book questions to test your knowledge

Here it is! Here’s the sixth book quiz I’ve put up on my blog. If you’re someone who thinks they know their book knowledge why not try out this book quiz and see how you get on? If you complete all of the questions, make sure you check out my other book quizzes too!

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These are the best fantasy books according to Twitter

2. These are the Best Fantasy Books According to Twitter

I asked my twitter followers to let me know what their favourite recent fantasy read was and I got a heck of a lot of responses back so decided to go through, find the most liked responses and put them into an easy-to-read article for you to go and find your next favourite fantasy read. There are some absolute bangers in here, a lot of which I’ve not actually read myself.

Read the full article here.

Illborn book review

1. Book review Illborn by Daniel T. Jackson

Illborn is one of those fantasy debut novels that rarely comes along often. Daniel T. Jackson has written a fantastic, well-paced, well built fantasy novel here that not only has you hooked on every page but makes you excited for the introduction of the sequel.

My review of his book was met with a lot of positivity as I think he’s gotten quite a large following already and also I think good debut fantasy epics are harder to come by than your more contemporary thriller.

So to summarise…

It’s great to see a debut novel book review as my number one most read article that I’ve published this month. Illborn truly is the start of a fantastic fantasy series from an author who is clearly a fan of his own books and has recently released the fact that he’s finished the sequel and is now in the final editing stages which is exciting!

To see such a variety of different articles on here is exactly what I strive for on this blog. A few editions of this back, I did worry that maybe people only wanted to see book reviews on this blog, but luckily the interest in other articles means I can continue to write what I want and people will read it.

If you’re a fellow blogger let me know what articles did the best for you this month! Alternatively, let me know which of the articles from above you enjoyed most or even which article from this month you’re surprised not to see.