Luke’s Book Quiz Round 1

I thought I’d try something a bit different. We all love testing our knowledge (especially on a Zoom session with our family over the past years) so how about a book quiz? Think you know your famous literature? Why not give the quiz below a try!

Book quiz round one

RULES: I wanted to make the quiz playable as a single-player or on screens in front of people too – therefore I have written the answers in white and you simply have to highlight them to get the answer. Also, the questions get harder the further into the quiz you go (in theory anyway). ENJOY!

Who played Harry Potter in the film series?

Answer: Daniel Radcliffe

Which English author is best known for his fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials?

Answer: Philip Pullman

On which London street did Sherlock Holmes live?

Answer: Baker Street

Which Ernest Cline novel set in the year 2044 features the virtual utopia OASIS?

Answer: Ready Player One

Who wrote The Midnight Library?

Answer: Matt Haig

Which book is the fastest-selling debut in the Adult Crime genre?

Answer: The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

What’s the name of the Sally Rooney novel that was adapted into a TV Series in 2020?

Answer: Normal People

Which Russian-born American wrote I, Robot?

Answer: Isaac Asimov

What’s the second book in the Lord of The Rings Trilogy called?

Answer: The Two Towers

Which author, most famous for one of his books’ adaptation into a hit film by Stephen Spielberg also wrote The Andromeda Strain?

Answer: Michael Crichton

In which country was Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code banned?

Answer: Lebanon

What does the K in J.K. Rowling stand for?

Answer: Kathleen

Did you like this book quiz? Feel free to send me some questions via my email or social media below as I plan on doing plenty more rounds.

If quizzes aren’t your sort of thing and you’d prefer to read something a bit more substantial, there’s plenty more content to be found across the website.

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