Blogger Spotlight: Primary Bookstagram

Not all blogs are there to be uploaded to constantly. Some work as an alternative platform and a basis to promote your other successes. Primary Bookstagram, run by Claire, is a blog that currently only features one post as her main source of traffic is from her Instagram page, highlighting high-quality texts for year 6 students.

Blogger spotlight Primary Bookstagram
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What is your blog about?
I believe children should read as many high-quality texts as possible to use as models and inspiration for their writing. Readers are writers, yet it is very time-consuming to find a real wealth of writing examples.  I blog about which page numbers in quality children’s literature can be used for writing models. I find specific setting descriptions, characterisation and atmosphere examples that support KS2 children achieve the writing standards by the end of year 6.
What do you think makes your blog stand out from others?
Teachers have extremely demanding careers and far too many primary school teachers spend hours searching for writing models or end up writing their own. Teachers do not have the expertise of professional authors, therefore my Instagram page saves teachers time trawling through the internet and their local libraries.
What made you want to start a blog?
There is not a website out there where you can search for: snowy setting descriptions/ suspense in horror writing/ mythical character descriptions (the list goes on). I found the first few years in my role as English Coordinator frustrated that there wasn’t an easy, time-saving way to find these models. I hope that teachers will begin to share their own favourite writing models/ pages of literature so I can build my catalogue of examples and eventually create a usable website. 
What’s the most successful post you’ve ever written?
The first time I used my own Primary Kookstagram page with the children in my year 6 class. They wrote some outstanding poetry based on the pages I used with them. We explored the words, text marked and discussed the impact of the words on the reader. I uploaded photographs of the children’s work and had the most amount of Instagram likes to date. 
What was your proudest moment as a blogger?
When I was contacted for my first gifted sponsor. I couldn’t believe an author believed in my vision that they wanted to send me all of their published books.
What advice would you give to those looking to start a blog?

If you feel there is a gap for what you have to say, go ahead and say it!

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