Blogger Spotlight: Donna’s Interviews and Reviews

In today’s Blogger Spotlight, we’re highlighting Donna’s Interviews and Reviews – a blog that focuses on exactly what the title suggests – book reviews and interviews with authors. Donna has a good following and really enjoys what she does. Donna enjoys blogging and has some great tips for those looking to start a blog as well as some great ideas on what motivations keep her going.

Blogger Spotlight on Donna's Interviews and Reviews
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What made you get into blogging?

I have always been a huge reader, then during the first lockdown I wondered if there were book groups on Facebook. A quick search showed that there were loads. I joined a bunch and soon became friends with authors and fellow readers. The blogging came as a sort of accidental by-product of that. I was terrible for leaving reviews for books I had read, but quickly learnt how vital it was to authors. I learnt what blog tours were, and became involved, which meant I needed my own platform if I was able to participate. I am mostly on Facebook but share my posts as far and wide as I can.

What’s your most successful post?

Ooooo good question, funnily enough as I type this, I have shared my review for The Reacher Guy by Heather Martin, which has had more likes and shares in the short time it has been live than most others so far. I also interview authors for my Facebook page and so far JD Kirk, Mark Billingham, Peter May and Awais Khan have been the most viewed or listened to. 

What’s been your biggest uphill battle with blogging?

Getting more followers, no question. It is so difficult, and sometimes it comes to following a bunch of people you don’t know, hoping even a quarter will follow you back. There are sometimes follow trains which I should probably take more advantage of, but I feel awkward doing so.

What are you most proud of about your blog?

The fact I know I am making a difference. I have become known as a book influencer, as people follow my reviews, and will read or buy the books on the back of that. That’s a really special feeling and was exactly the result I wanted when I started it.

What one tip would you give to people looking to start a blog?

Just do it, if you are really passionate about something, that will shine through in your posts. You don’t need to be an expert and you will learn as you go along. You also don’t have any time limit or expectation for posting. Can be once a day, once a month, it’s entirely your decision. The blogging community is really supportive, and someone will reach out if they know you are new, and give you advice, and if you ask for help, you will probably get more responses than you know what to do with. WordPress is a great website that allows you to share text and pictures and is a popular platform for the bloggers I know.

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