93 Blog Post Ideas for Every Blog Niche

Did you think blogging was dying? Oh no. Blogging is still a very popular medium. According to OptinMonster, 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages every month with over 70 million posts being posted just on WordPress.

Therefore that means there are most certainly going to be some people out there that would benefit from some ideas on what you can post to your blog.

Blogging has become such a fascinating way for me not only to get across my opinions on all the books, but also a way for me to simply sit down and write about what I want, expressing my own thoughts, experiences or opinions in a blog post.

This is what makes blogging so great and is often the reason so many people choose to take it up as a side hobby or even, for those lucky enough, a side hustle that ends up being a big earner for them (not sure I’ll ever get there – lol).

But no matter how prolific you are, no matter what your specific genre of blogging is, sometimes you hit that grey area of blogging where you have nothing else to write.

Either you’ve run out of recipe ideas, you haven’t got any books to read or you’re just stumped for any productivity tips to give.

Therefore, what I’ve done is go out and scour all of the blogging sites for some different blog titles, plenty of each for each niche. Many of the choices below are random blog titles that I’ve thought of on the spot over a few days. Also, there’s absolutely no logic to the number of actual articles post suggestions under each niche.

Hopefully, if you’ve got writer’s block or imagination block, there may be something down below that you can use as inspiration for your next blog.

If you do get any inspiration from the list below, do feel free to mention me on social and let me know which article inspired you!

Anyway, let’s get into the list of 93 blog post ideas for every blog niche. If you want to jump to the different niches, you can use these quick links below:

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Fashion
  3. Technology
  4. Gaming
  5. Productivity
  6. Finance
  7. Books
  8. Blogging
  9. TV & Movies
  10. Social Media
  11. Health & Fitness
  12. Recipes & Food
  13. Beauty


1. This Morning Routine Will Give You More Energy Every Day

2. Top Ways to Deal With Stress

3. Affordable purchases I’ve made that have changed my life

4. How you can create your own Spotify playlist

5. Music Playlists I’m Feeling Right Now

6. 20 Products To Improve The Feng Sheu

7. The Lessons I’ve Learned From Being a Parent



8. My Favourite Ways to Accessorise A Plain White Tee

9. The Best Online Shops To Guarantee Yourself a Bargain

10. How I Purchase Whole Outfits for Less Than $50

11. Ten Outfits That Are Guaranteed to Make Others Look

12. The Outfits That Are Comfy But Look Great Too

13. 5 Fashion Brands That Won’t Break The Bank

14. Next Season’s Fashion Must-Haves



15. Five Mac Accessories That Won’t Break the Bank

16. The iPad Accessories I Actually Use

17. Technology That’s Actually Worth Spending A Lot of Money On

18. The Best MagSafe Accessories You Can Buy

19. How You Can Speed Up Your PC/Laptop In Three Simple Ways

20. Chromebook vs Mac vs Windows

21. The Top Mouse/Keyboard for Your Gaming Set Up



22. Is [subscription gaming service] Worth Your Subscription?

23. Is VR Worth Investing In Yet?

24. The Best [genre] Games

25. 5 Easy Pick-up-and-play Games For Those With Little Time

26. Here’s My Opinion On [insert latest gaming announcement/news]

27. The Very Best Indie Games Worth Your Time

28. These Games are So Overhyped



29. How I Use My [Insert Gadget here} to Improve My Productivity

30. Which Apps Are A Must-Have to Plan Your Day?

31. My Productive Morning Routine

32. How To Create a Minimal Productivity-Focused Workspace

33. When’s The Best Time To Go To Sleep To Guarantee the Best Productivity the Next Day

34. The Best Apps For Getting To Inbox Zero

35. The Five Techniques To Being More Productive

36. The 5 Best To-Do List Apps



37. Here’s How I Do My Pay Day Budgeting

38. How Much Can I Afford to Spend on a Car

39. How To Save More Money More Effectively

40. Top 10 Websites For Saving Money

41. 5 Chrome Extensions You Should Install To Get Discounts

42. How To Plan Your Financial Goals and Reach Them

43. 10 Reasons Why You’re Not Saving Money



44. The Top Ten [genre] Books You’ll Read

45. The Best Books from {insert year or season} So Far

46. My List of Authors I Will Always Buy From

47. The Best Websites To Get Affordable Books

48. How To Read More Books

49. The Most Beautiful Book Covers I’ve Seen

50. These Books Should Be On Your TBR



51. What I’ve Learned From Blogging

52. The Ten Best Blogs I’ve Learned So Much From

53. Why I Got Into Blogging

54. Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

55. [insert number here] Blog Posts For [insert niche here] Bloggers (a bit meta that one, eh?)

56. How I Grew My Blog To Have [insert monthly sessions here] Monthly Sessions

57. Must-Have WordPress Extensions to Level Up Your Blogging Game

tv and movies

TV & Movies

58. Why You Should Be Watching [insert popular TV show]

59. The Top Ten Movies From The [insert decade]s

60. The [insert movie franchise] Movies Ranked From Worst to Best

61. The Upcoming Films I’m Most Excited To See

62. The Best TV Shows Featuring [insert a type of animal/creature]

63. How To Know The Difference Between a Good and a Bad Film

64. The Cleverest Plot Twists In Movies

65. The TV Shows You Must Binge Now

social media

Social media

66. I Asked 10 Influencers For Their Top Tip For Growing Your Following

67. Other Influencers Who Inspire Me

68. How to Grow Your Social Media Following Quickly

69. Five Lessons I Have Learned about Social Media

70. Why Your Social Channels Might Not be Growing

71. How Many Times A Week Should I Post?

72. Top Tips For Using [insert social media platform here]

health and fitness

Health & Fitness

73. 10 Easy Workouts You Can Do Every Day to Stay In Shape

74. The 10 Things You Can Do Every Day to Sneak In Those Extra Steps

75. The Best Apps for Tracking Your Workouts

76. Some Amazing Websites I’ve Found With Healthy Meal Recipes

77. Quick and Easy Snacks To Make To Stop Feeling Hungry

78. How To Get Into Meditating

79. Five Apps To Help Improve Your Mental Health

recipes and food

Recipes and Food

80. The World’s Best [insert popular food type here]

81. Ten Meals You Can Make in Under 15 Minutes

82. Meals You Can Make For Less Than $5

83. How Best To Plan Your Whole Weekly Food Shop In Less than 10 Minutes

84. Affordable Meals That Will Feed a Whole Family

85. Ten Great Snacks That Don’t Contain a Lot of Calories

86. A Selection of the Best Puddings That Are So Easy To Make



87. Five Incredible Makeup Sets that Won’t Break the Bank

88. My Morning Hair Care Routine

89. My Lazy Day Skincare Routine

90. These 5 Face Care Products Are An Absolute Must

91. Ask For These Beauty Products for your Birthday

92. A Skincare Routine For When You’re in a Rush

93. The Top [insert makeup type] to Guarantee [a makeup technique]


So there you have it – a whole bunch of blog posts to give you, no matter what your niche is, some ideas for what to post next.

Hopefully, the list above will give you some inspiration and relight your blogging fire and get your writing away again about the area you love.

As I said above, if you find yourself using any of the blog post titles from this list, do let me know! I’d love to know that I helped inspire your latest post.

Also, feel free to add some ideas below for anyone else looking for more content!

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