Book Review: Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

  1. If you’ve read my The Way of Kings review, you already know I’m a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson. He has a hugely approachable way of writing often quite complex things and makes everybody understand his deep worlds very well. Skyward is the first in a relatively new series for Sanderson (it came out in 2018) and is arguably his most science-fiction book to date. And. It. Is. Brilliant.

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson book review
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Skyward is Brandon Sanderson’s deepest foray into Science Fiction, featuring futuristic technologies, other alien species and planets and all the great elements that account for a top-quality science fiction read. However, aimed at a slightly younger audience than maybe his Stormlight Archive is, this series is aimed at being hugely approachable and possibly his funniest yet.

Plot – 4.5/5

Skyward centres around the character of Spenda whose world has been under attack for as long as anybody can remember. An alien race called the Krell have constantly barraged the planet, resulting in a constant state of panic for humanity. Spensa aims to become a pilot to help fight against the Krell, however after her father was disgraced from the army, her chances are very slim as it doesn’t seem like anybody is on her side.

It’s a brilliant tale that includes all of the best that you want from a zero-to-hero book without ever making it feel too cringe. Spensa has to work hard to earn respect amongst her peers and finds herself finding out far more about her father’s past and herself than you can imagine. I loved the plot of this book, it flowed quickly, it constantly drip-fed you twists and huge plot moments to keep you entertained and it has a fantastic ending that I’d recommend anyone persevere to get to.

Characters – 5/5

Brandon Sanderson knows how to write characters. Spensa is fantastic. She’s strong, she’s bold, she’s wonderfully stubborn, she’s brave. She’s everything you need the main character to be. But most importantly, she’s flawed. She has a quick temper, she isn’t instantly perfect as a pilot, she’s misunderstood and she’s not out to make friends if it means giving up who she is.

Spensa faces a fair few other comrades along the way who each have their own distinctive personalities. You have the bully, the quiet friend, the one whose opinion of Spensa turns first, the tough mentor, the controversial politician. These characters all add their own element to the story; they oppose Spensa, support her, ask questions of her and all of them build her as a person throughout the novel.

There’s one particular character whom I can’t reveal as it may be a bit of a spoiler but who I think anybody who reads this book will fall in love with. They’re absolutely hilarious – and in a smart way, not in a slapstick, trying-to-make-you-laugh way.

Skyward summary – 5/5

Brandon Sanderson’s Skyward is brilliant. It’s emotive, it’s powerful, it’s intelligent and it’s also just really “cool”. I feel like this series runs in tandem with Stormlight Archive as his other fantastic piece of work he’s working on at the same time. Sanderson has confirmed book three is out later this year and book four will come out in 2023, I’m incredibly excited to read both and will have reviews of the third book on here as soon as I can.

If you’re a science fiction fan, I’d definitely recommend picking up this book, if you’re someone looking for a very intelligent but light read, I’d also highly recommend picking up this book, or if you’re simply someone who goes off which book you read based on my rating well I’ve given it a five, so I recommend you go and pick up this book.

Amazing rating

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